• “Back” to Basics

    personal injury surveillance

    Back injuries are often difficult to identify, especially when surveilling someone going about their day to day activities. We recently undertook instructions to watch someone with an alleged bad back, sustained during an accident. The injury was alleged to prevent this subject from living a “normal” life. On the first day very little was seen of […]

  • Doctor, Doctor

    Doctor, Doctor, I can’t BEAR the pain! It never seems to amaze us that when personal injury claimants go to the doctors, the pain on the way there seems to get ‘worse.’ A recent case saw a claimant lapse into a state of near total paralysis on his way to a doctors appointment. However our […]

  • Locating missing tenants

    If you’ve lost touch with your current or former tenants it may become a concern if you are owed a substantial amount of rent. If the tenant left some sort of bond which covers the owed money, luckily you have not technically lost out on anything apart from the principal. However even if the tenant’s […]

  • Serving Documents upon Tenants.

    How do you properly serve documents upon tenants that the Judge will accept and not dismiss? They’re numerous ways that you can serve documents to ensure that you give a tenant ‘efficient and proper’ notice to allow them time to find alternative living arrangements. Different process servers, bailiffs, creditors and solicitors will have their own […]

  • What is required to become a private investigator?

    As of July 2016 they’re currently no laws or standards to meet to become a private investigator. Dukeries are waiting patiently for this to change. They’re many associations, accreditation’s and qualifications you can achieve to show your competent and standards which most ‘professional’ investigators will achieve. In 2014 Dukeries achieved the British Standard for Professional […]

  • What is a Private Investigator?

    They are many different definitions of what a private investigator is, in general, a private investigator, is someone who is instructed to obtain information regarding the habits, conduct, whereabouts, lifestyle or trustworthiness of the ‘subject’ to the investigation. A private investigator can also locate missing persons, assets and make field enquiries on a discreet or […]

  • Absence In The Workplace.

    It’s inevitable that employees will be sick from time to time and miss days from work. However you will find that your respectable employees will feel down and bad that they have let their colleagues down and that their workload will increase. When you have frequent employees absent from the workplace the employer can be […]

  • Intellectual Property Investigations

    Every business has some sort of intellectual property regardless of the size, sector or product. Intellectual property can be anything from brand design, invention, products, etc. Intellectually property is a persons or business prized asset as they have worked hard to create a design or product that sets them out from the rest. Intellectually property […]

  • How to deal with employee absenteeism issues

    From time to time employees will be off work due to sickness, holidays, injury or any other ‘legitimate’ reason. Most ‘honest’ employees will generally feel bad about having time away from work due to letting down their colleagues and the work load that will be increased. As employers will know absence from the workplace can […]

  • New Nottingham Private Investigators Office

    Nottingham Private Investigators

    Dukeries Detective Agency Limited are pleased to announce that we have secured an office in Nottingham City Centre that will be fully manned and in service from the 4th April 2016. Our new Nottingham office address will be: Lace Market House, 54/56 High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HW. The office will be fully manned and open Monday […]