Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunals are seen by many employees as a means of securing some form of compensation from their employer; this might well mean that they are prepared to exaggerate a claim or even base a claim on malicious or unfounded allegations. On the other hand, an employer may feel that a tribunal will justify his actions towards the employee.

We can, and do, act for either party to a tribunal – the employee or the employer.

Whilst we would normally act for the employer in gathering evidence prior to the tribunal to prove, for example, that an employee is exaggerating claims of illness or injury or the results thereof, that he is not house-bound or that he does not have trouble in walking even short distances, or that he is working whilst allegedly off worth through illness, etc., we would also act for the employee in trying to establish, for example, that he is being treated differently to other employees or that there are serious breaches of health and safety regulations at his place of employment.

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