Statement Taking

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By using ex-Police Officers to take statements, we are confident of being able to properly take a statement, whether for civil or criminal proceedings. All our statements are proof-read and supplied to the client in a typed format.

Our statement-takers never rush into taking a written statement without firstly putting the witness at ease and then going through the actual event, querying/clarifying any specifics as may be required, and ensuring that any points which are (or may be) of significant evidential value are properly covered.

Statement taking can be a very time-consuming activity, but we feel that the amount of time which we dedicate to the task is time well spent; we aim to leave no stone un-turned in establishing every relevant fact for the client.

We are frequently instructed to taken statements in connection with road traffic accidents, statements for the defence relating to a whole raft of criminal charges (such as drugs, rape cases, assaults .. etc), health and safety issues, industrial accidents, other personal injury claims and clinical negligence cases.


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