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Company Health Check

GOOD Employees make your business and BAD Employees can break your business.

Today’s business environment is characterised by rapid, unpredictable change. In order to secure long-term relationships, survival, profitability and growth your business must be responsive and resilient.

The secret to success is to encourage and develop the good employees and to weed out the bad ones. Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of companies who have consulted us over employee issues, ranging from range from harassment, intimidation and bullying, through to sabotage, damage and industrial espionage.


We are usually called in when an employer notices one of the symptoms – an increase in staff turnover, loss of productivity or general unrest with existing staff.

Initially our Corporate investigations Expert will meet the employer for a confidential consultation. He will make an objective assessment of the situation and offer appropriate advice. If necessary a prioritised course of action will be offered, which may involve one of our investigators being introduced into the company under a suitable pretext. The investigator will observe and monitor staff, systems, controls and management.

An assessment will be made as to the overall health of the company and recommendations will be made to address any problems. We have found in previous cases, that there is usually an underlying cause to most problems, whether it be down to employee culture, drugs, greed or power struggles.

Identifying witnesses and offenders as well as gathering evidence and preparing tribunal documentation is all part of the service we offer.

We also offer other services to support the investigation such as surveillance and vehicle tracking. Our investigators will work within the parameters of your Dignity at Work Policy, Security and Stop and Search Policy and Discrimination at Work Policy. We will also offer advice and guidance to develop these policies.

Offenders, which we uncover during our investigation, will be identified to you with a recommended course of action within the parameters of company law.


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