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Counterfeit Enquiries – Trademark Fraud

Not only does this unsavoury activity have an adverse effect on Trade Mark Holders, it can also be a VERY DANGEROUS trade. Counterfeiting and Trade Mark Fraud does not just confine it’s activities in the Fashion and Luxury Goods trade, it also stretches to the drugs and medication industries, as well as foods and beverages.

Understanding the activities of the criminal is a key part to these types of investigations. More often than not the counterfeiting and trademark fraudsters can be involved with more serious organised crime and therefore great care should be taken. Our experienced investigators are able to understand how these criminals operate, gather intelligence to build an investigations and obtain evidence to deal with the criminals through the legal system.

Using all the covert expertise available we are able to work with clients to bring a satisfactory conclusion to this type of criminal activity.

In order to shut down a counterfeiting operation, or truly disrupt its activities, companies wishing to protect their brands will often need to engage local counsel in the manufacturing country, work with local authorities, and consider undertaking local political relations campaigns to raise awareness of the consequences of counterfeiting. Proper registration of the brand owner’s trademarks and the presence of a legitimate sales channel in the country can help significantly in attracting the attention of authorities.

Experienced investigators with in-depth knowledge of the geographic region, experience in country on cross-border issues and the type of product being counterfeited can also provide companies with valuable insight into where vulnerabilities exist and how to mitigate those risks.

Ultimately, vigilance and persistence are critical to the success of any anti-counterfeiting campaign.


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