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Due Diligence Investigations

Dukeries corporate Due Diligence services assist law firms, business and local authorities across the United Kingdom to gather intelligence.

We are instructed on our commercial due diligence investigations by companies across the United Kingdom and recently we have seen more instructions from companies in America who have the need to carry out due diligence enquiries within the UK.

Some of our competitors offer very similar services however with recent feedback from clients who have used other investigation companies in the past state that they merely compile public data. Here at Dukeries we investigate and provide an in depth analysis of the evidence we find and confirm all sources in a legitimate, lawful and professional manor. Further to our expert investigations all reports are presented in an equally professional and bespoke report manor.

Our expert researchers are able to assist with some of the following situations;

  • Mergers
  • Joint Ventures
  • Directorship Promotions
  • Employing
  • Ownership Issues
  • Buying or Selling
  • Civil Litigation

If you have any other situations or areas that you require security on by using our expert due diligence lead investigations please do not hesitate to contact our head office on: information@enquiryagent.co.uk.

About Due Diligence Investigations

Navigating Through Complex Due Diligence Investigations in a professional and ethical manor.

Our dedicated desk researchers assist clients throughout the United Kingdom on a range of investigations especially our very popular Due Diligence Investigations. Our enquiries are normally limited within the United Kingdom due to foreign laws, languages and methods. However we are able to outsource investigations in other countries to our one of our agents within our network of worldwide investigators.

Dukeries professional due diligence investigations are highly professional, carefully undertaken and carried out in a lawful and discreet manor with client confidential at the forefront of the instruction. Our researchers will only report relevant information that we have been instructed on and that will aid your case and we will never disclose any information to any third party. At the end of each report we will recommend a clear conclusion and any recommendations to take the investigation to the next stage.

We only gather lawful and useful information to aid a client’s case.

Dukeries are proud to have achieved the British Standard for professional investigative solutions (BS102000) this should ensure all potential clients that we will only gather lawful and usable information.

Please note: We can only find information in the public domain; like other companies, however; we know where and how to look. We have investigated large resources in our systems, databases and technology to ensure our clients the best possible server.

Instruct an established, professional and reliable investigation company today by emailing our head office on: information@enquiryagent.co.uk or telephoning: 01623 451961. You can however complete the below contact form and we will reply within 24 hours.


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