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Employee Vetting

Your workforce are your most important asset; without them, a company cannot survive.

Do you know who your employees really are? Are they who they say they are? Are they as qualified as they say they are?

Irrespective of an employee’s position in the workplace, you expect them to have the skills, attributes and qualifications that they say they have – otherwise you might not have employed them in the first place.

If you employ a dishonest, devious, disloyal or corrupt person, the consequences for you could be horrendous – and costly. We know from experience, as investigators, the damage which some unscrupulous or dishonest employees can do, and the length of time which this may take to repair.

By adopting a comprehensive vetting procedure, you can reduce your recruitment and training costs and you can deter even the most foolhardy from applying for a position with your company (even as a contract worker).

We will check;

  • Their identity
  • Their place of residence
  • Their credit history
  • Their references

Looking for Employee Vetting?

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