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Insurance Investigation Specialists

We currently live in a society, which has a “claim culture”. It is mainly Insurance Companies, which bear the brunt of this culture, and over the years Investigation into Insurance Claims has significantly increased. The Dukeries Group operate within the field of Insurance Investigation both for Claimants (The Insured) and also Defendants (The Insurer).

The Dukeries Group are specialists in Insurance Investigations, we have a team of highly skilled private investigators that operate nationwide serving Insurance companies on a number of investigations. Our private investigators are highly trained in surveillance, witness tracing and locus / sketch plans. However we still have a wealth of experience in other Investigation Services, over 40 years of experience to be exact.

All our private investigators are employed with the sole purpose to ensure our clients are getting the highest quality Insurance Investigation service both in house and field investigations. Our priority is to deliver a prompt, detailed, cost effective and reliable service to all our insurance clients and their solicitors.

Insurance Investigation Specialists

To request our Insurance Investigation brochure and rate card please contact our head office on; 01623 451 961 or email; information@enquiryagent.co.uk. Please note upon request we will need some proof of the company you work for, this is purely down to keeping our secrets hidden from other investigation teams such as; techniques, rates, wording and our insurance investigation branding.

Defendant Personal Injury Claims

Insurance Companies are often faced with claims, which are cause for concern. Either circumstances surrounding the claim are suspicious or the injuries resulting from the claim are exaggerated or false. In either case The Dukeries Group can help Insurers or their Solicitors in investigating the claims. Modern Insurance Investigation techniques together with sophisticated surveillance can often result in cases being resolved prior to trial.

Claimant Personal Injury Cases

Solicitors representing claimants in personal injury claims often need thorough Insurance Investigation work to be carried out, whether it be tracing and interviewing witnesses, taking detailed statements or preparing photographs and locus reports. The Dukeries Group has experienced staff to carry out this type of work to the highest standard.Please visit our contact page for contact information, or use the menu to your right to narrow your search.


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