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Professional Nationwide Witness Statement Taking

By using ex-Police Officers to take statements, we are confident of being able to properly take a statement, whether for civil or criminal proceedings. All our statements are proof-read and supplied to the client in a typed format.

Our statement-takers never rush into taking a written statement without firstly putting the witness at ease and then going through the actual event, querying / clarifying any specifics as may be required, and ensuring that any points which are (or may be) of significant evidential value are properly covered.

Statement taking can be a very time-consuming activity, but we feel that the amount of time which we dedicate to the task is time well spent; we aim to leave no stone unturned in establishing every relevant fact for the client.

We are frequently instructed to take statements in connection with road traffic accidents, statements for the defence relating to a whole raft of criminal charges (such as drugs, rape cases, assaults .. etc), health and safety issues, industrial accidents, other personal injury claims and clinical negligence cases.

We Statement Takers also cover the following;

  • Road Traffic Accident Statements
  • Works Accident Statements
  • Trip / Slip Accident Statements
  • Harassment Statements
  • Quantum Statements
  • Witness Care and Assistance Statements.

If you require an experienced witness statement taker in any location around the United Kingdom or private investigators are able to offer a fast, efficient and professional service.


Professional Witness Statement Takers

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