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Locating missing tenants

If you’ve lost touch with your current or former tenants it may become a concern if you are owed a substantial amount of rent. If the tenant left some sort of bond which covers the owed money, luckily you have not technically lost out on anything apart from the principal. However even if the tenant’s bond does covered the unpaid rental dues, there can still be complications if there is outstanding utilities and other bills that could possibly de-lay re-letting the property. Therefore the sooner you restore contact with your former tenant or at least have knowledge of their new/ current residential address the better, so you can began recovering any losses.

Don’t worry… If your tenant has disappeared there is numerous ways that you can relocate them. Firstly, there is the professional route. There are numerous tracing companies that specialise in tracing missing debtors for landlords. Simply enter ‘debtor tracing’ or something similar into a search engine and you will get numerous results of companies specialising in this field. Rates are normally between £50 – £100 depending on the service offered and what you get for your money. Some companies will do all they can to obtain all associated contact details whilst some will simply do a ‘bog-standard’ trace. You will also find that most tracing companies will offer their service on a ‘No Trace, No Fee’ basis.

Once you have located the missing tenant you can now began court proceedings to get a judgement against all outstanding money. Once you have a solicitor and the judgement is made you will know need to instruct a professional process server to personally serve the documentation upon the debtor at their new residential address.

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