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Process Serving

process serving

We are the UK’s #1 Process Server

What is a Process Server?

A Process Server serves documents to an individual or a business. These can be anything from; Divorce or bankruptcy papers. It is something that mainly comes from the clients solicitors and is sometimes urgent. Most times documentation that is being served will be in court and depending on the date will determine on the urgency. But all documents should be served as soon as they arrive to give the respondent enough notice in case he breaks it without knowing the order, etc.

Process Servers are needed to serve court papers, legal documents and document retrieval. The job is to ‘serve’ legal documents to the respondent of the case; this is either the defendant or the person who is involved in the court case or witness. When Process Servers have served the documentation they will need to provide evidence of this depending on the papers that have been served. The verification that is completed is either an affidavit or service, statement of service or certificate of service. When completing an Affidavit or service they will need to be witnessed by a solicitor.

Please note the laws that you need to work to are different from each country and you should always make sure you know the full rules and legislations of the area you will be working in before you become or hire a Process Server.


If you are a solicitor around Europe or in the UK that requires a reliable Process Server contact us today. We have been operating for over 40 years – 1972!!! And have built very successful relationships with clients and are currently growing our market area and looking to provide our services to solicitors all over Europe and the UK. The reasons for this is that we are getting new firms coming to us all over asking us about our services as they aren’t happy about their current server.  So contact the process Servers Today!


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