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What is required to become a private investigator?

As of July 2016 they’re currently no laws or standards to meet to become a private investigator. Dukeries are waiting patiently for this to change. They’re many associations, accreditation’s and qualifications you can achieve to show your competent and standards which most ‘professional’ investigators will achieve.

In 2014 Dukeries achieved the British Standard for Professional Investigation Services (BS102000) which we believe is a form of self-regulation as you are required to undergo a yearly audit to ensure that you are operating within a professional, ethical and lawful manner.

All serious private investigators should also all achieve membership to the Association of British Investigators which is the only association to be endorsed by the law society.

All individuals coming into the private investigation industry with no experience should at least achieve relevant qualifications into a different range of services and then look to achieve the IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigations, which we assume will be the minimum requirement when licensing is hopefully introduced.

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