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Asset Tracing

We offer a fast, reliable and friendly service when dealing sensitive instructions such as Asset Tracing.

Asset tracing can be closely allied to one of our other services – Status/Fit to sue – and we have the experience and contacts to trace assets, whether hidden or visible, which can be determined by investigating;

  • UK and international property ownership
  • Directorships
  • Investments
  • Banking – UK and offshore
  • Trusts
  • Assets in the names of known and connected individuals, companies, partnerships, etc
    Corporate fraud

There are many reasons why an individual may wish to keep his assets hidden, but there are an equal number of reasons why an individual or a company may wish to know the extent of those assets; these include;

  • Preparation for litigation or for judgement
  • Institutions or investors preparing to loan or invest a large sum of money
  • Background checks by an individual on his/her intended spouse
  • A spouse wishing to check on his/her wife’s/husband’s assets in acrimonious divorce proceedings

Over the years, we have established good working relationships with the Police, Local Authorities and other Government Agencies to deliver a Professional Service to our clients.

We treat every case as unique and totally confidential, and we are happy to advise our clients on investigation methods and case management. We will never use any unlawful, unethical or immoral means to trace a person’s assets!

When is it necessary to carry out an asset trace of an individual or a business?

A general error made in commercial litigation matters is to assume, when it is appropriate to take an individual or business to court in relation to outstanding debts, you will have to weigh up possible outcomes before you can determine if the case is worth moving forward.

Consequently, it is highly important to make appropriate enquiries at the outset to seek to determine whether a debtor is worth suing.

In some cases an individual will deliberately hide assets, they might do this because they are facing; divorce, fraudulent claims or other circumstances. If you believe an individual you are preparing to take to court may conceal assets it is critical to act fast and discreetly.

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When carrying out such services there is no 100% guarantee that we will be able to deliver the information and results you are hoping for, as in some cases they are no assets to find.

It’s important to remember that we work entirely within the law and will not break it.


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